The script :

SCENE - At night in the orphanage. Annie has snuck up to the roof to look at the stars. Molly rushes over.

Molly: Annie! Annie! There you are!

Annie: Shh!!! You'll wake up Hannigan!

Molly: Sorry Annie, it's jus' . . .

Annie: What is it, What's wrong Molly?

(Pepper, Kate, Ellie, Duffy, and July enter)

Pepper: That's the last time Molly, the very last time.

Kate: What the HECK is wrong with you?

Ellie: Do ya really just wanna get us all in so much trouble that Hannigan locks us in the basement for the next month?

Duffy: Seriously, ya can't just go runnin' 'round this place like - like you own it.

July: (shaking her head apologetically) Yeah Molly, it really isn't the best idea.

Pepper: If that ever happens again, Molly I swear I'll hit you so hard you'll -

Annie: (cutting off Pepper) Can it, Pepper! (much nicer) Now, what's it you're tryin' to tell me, Molly?

Molly: (embarrassed) Well, um, I, a . . . I had another nightmare.

Duffy: Huh, she did more than that.

Ellie: Yeah, she was yellin' and screamin' so much I thought -

Kate: that the windows would break?

July: Yeah, and she was tossin' so much I thought -

Pepper: that the bed would collapse?

July: No, I thought she'd get hurt!

Pepper: You're the only one who's gonna get hurt now July!

(they run off fighting and Cecile, Sam and Tessie enter)

Tessie: what's goin' on, why's everyone up?

Kate: I wasn't finished yet.

Ellie: yeah, and after that she gets up an' goes lookin' for you (points at Annie)

Duffy: and can't find ya, so she goes runnin' through the whole place yellin' for ya

Cecile: at least Hannigan was asleep

Sam: Yeah, jus' imagin how bad thing's'd be if she got up

Tessie: We'd never hear the end a it, we should jus' be thankful she didn't get caught

Annie: Tessie's right, it could be worse

Cecile: she couldn't've been that loud, I didn't hear 'er

Sam: it wasn't Molly's fault anyway

Tessie: yeah, it's not her fault Annie's the only one who's nice to 'er, she was jus' scared

Cecile: 'corse she's scared, she ain't got nottin'

Duffy: an' which one a us's got anything?

Molly: Annie's got her note

Ellie: (snorts) that don't mean nottin'

Sam: Uh, it's cold up here

Tessie: can we take this downstairs?

Duffy: you wanna take this somewhere? Let's go!

(everyone starts fighting)

Annie: Wait! Quiet! (everyone's quiet, listens, and hears loud thumps and July and Peppern shouting)

Cecile: Miss Hannigan!

Hannigan: (offstage) YOU TWO! I'm gonna make you scrub this place 'till it shines like the top a the Chrysler buildin!

Sam: it must be July and Pepper!

Tessie: ugh! they've really done it this time!

Annie; hurry!

Ellie: get downstairs now!

Kate: Everyone!

Cecile: before Hannigan bring's 'em back!

Annie: if anyone says a word about this I'll knock you're lights out!

(everyone exits quickly)

SCENE -In the orphanage in the middle of the night Annie is awake

Molly: (Molly is having a nightmare) Mamma! Mommy!

Pepper: ughh! not again! wake up and shut up so I can sleep!

July: Ah, leave Molly alone. She ain't hurtin' ya.

Pepper: You wanna make somthin' outta it, July?

Orphans: (scream as Pepper beats up July)

Annie: (shoves Pepper off of July) Stop it! Lay off July! If Hannigan wakes up she'll get sore! It's ok Molly you were just having another nightmare.

Molly: I miss my mommy and daddy.

Pepper: Uh, Molly we ain't got parents and we ain't never gonna have 'um. That's why we're called orphans.

Annie: I'm not an orphan! My parents are alive and their comin' to get me someday.

Molly: Yeah! And Annie's got a note that proves it! (Sticks out tongue at Pepper) Will ya read it to me Annie?

July: O, brother.

Pepper: Here we go again.

Annie: (Reading the note) Please take care of our little darling, her name is Annie. She was

Pepper and Annie: Born on October the 28th.

Pepper, Annie, and July: We have locked half a silver locket around her neck so that when we come back for her you will know that she's our baby.

(Pepper and July laugh)

Annie: Do you wanna sleep with your teeth inside your mouth or out? Now get to sleep! I know these don't mean anything to you, but they're everything to me. They're proof I got parents.

Molly: Ya really think they're out there Annie?

Annie: Yup and I'm gonna meet 'um someday.


Maybe far away
Or maybe real nearby
He may be pouring her coffee
She may be straightening his tie.
Maybe in a house
All hidden by a hill
She's sitting playing piano,
He's sitting paying a bill!

Betcha they're young
Betcha they're smart
Bet they collect things
Like ashtrays, and art!
Betcha they're good --
(Why shouldn't they be?)
Their one mistake
Was giving up me!

So maybe now it's time,
And maybe when I wake
They'll be there calling me "Baby"...

Betcha he reads
Betcha she sews
Maybe she's made me
A closet of clothes!
Maybe they're strict
As straight as a line...
Don't really care
As long as they're mine!

So maybe now this prayer's
The last one of it's kind...
Won't you please come get your "Baby"


(As the song ends Annie begins putting some stuff into a bag)

July: (waking up) What now?

Annie: If my folks haven't found me then I'm gonna find them.

Pepper: Again?

Annie: (shines flashlight in Pepper's eyes) Pepper! Watch out for Molly!

Molly: But what if Miss Hannigan catches you?

Annie: She won't.

(Annie creeps either to the side of the stage or behind curtain to give the orphans a chance to leave she may then sneak around the other side)

Ms. Hannigan: Boo! Tryin' to make a break, again! (grabs flashlight from Annie)

(Annie turns over in a position as to be spanked)

Ms. Hannigan: What are you doin'?

Annie: Aren't ya gonna beat the tar outta me?

Ms. Hannigan: Have I ever hit any of ya?

Annie: No, but you threaten and that's worse.

Ms. Hannigan: (Laughs) I know. Kid, if you think it's bad in here it's lousy out there. I'm doin' you a favor by not lettin' ya go. What do ya say?

Annie: (murmuring) I love you Ms. Hannigan

Ms. Hannigan: I can't hear ya.

Annie: (yelling) I love you Ms. Hannigan!

Ms. Hannigan: Rotten orphan.

Annie: I'm not an orphan. My parents left me with a note sayin' they'd come back for me.

Ms. Hannigan: (Laughs) That was 1921 this is 1933. You're an orphan. (Enters the sleeping area and blows whistle quite a bit) Rise and shine! Rise and shine!

July: But it's in the middle of the night.

Ms. Hannigan: Don't you think I know that? Annie here tried to run away, again. So as a little welcome home party your all gonna clean this dump till it shines like the top of the Chrysler building. What do ya say?

Orphans: (in a bummed out way) We love you, Ms Hannigan.

Ms. Hannigan: And I love you. Now scrub these floors, and strip them beds. Get to work. (Orphans groan) Now! (Ms. Hannigan walks out)


It's the hard-knock life for us!
It's the hard-knock life for us!

'Steada treated,

We get tricked!

'Steada kisses,

We get kicked!

It's the hard-knock life!
Got no folks to speak of, so,
It's the hard-knock row we how!

Cotton blankets,

'Steada of wool!

Empty Bellies

'Steada of full!

It's the hard-knock life!

Don't if feel like the wind is always howl'n?

Don't it seem like there's never any light!

Once a day, don't you wanna throw the towel in?

It's easier than puttin' up a fight.

No one's there when your dreams at night get creepy!
No one cares if you grow...of if you shrink!
No one dries when your eyes get wet an' weepy!

From all the cryin' you would think this place's a sink!
Empty belly life!
Rotten smelly life!
Full of sorrow life!
No tomorrow life!

Santa Claus we never see

Santa Claus, what's that?
Who's he?

No one cares for you a smidge
When you're in an orphanage!

(Making a whistling sound and imitating
Miss. Hannigan)
You'll stay up till this dump shines
like the top of the

Yank the whiskers from her chin
Jab her with a safety Pin
Make her drink a mickey finn
I love you, Miss Hannigan

(whistle) Get to work!
(whistle) Strip them beds!
(whistle) I said get to work!

It's the hard-knock life for us
It's the hard-knock life for us
No one cares for you a smidge
When your in an orphanage
It's the hard-knock life
It's the hard-knock life
It's the hard-knock life!

Ms. Hannigan: (pleasantly) Good morning children.

Orphans: Good morning Ms. Hannigan.

Molly: (From pile of sheets) Good morning Ms. Hannigan.

Ms. Hannigan: What are ya doin' in there?

Molly: Nuthin'.

Ms. Hannigan: You days are numbered. (Grabs pillow from her shirt) Get her outta there.

July: Ms. Hannigan, may we please have our breakfast now?

Ms. Hannigan: No, you may have it later. Role call! (Orphans line up and Ms. Hannigan walks through the line looking at each orphan.)

July: I love you Ms. Hannigan.

Pepper: I love you Ms. Hannigan.

Molly: I love you Ms. Hannigan.

Annie: I love you Ms. Hannigan.

Ms. Hannigan: O, yeah, you come 'ere . (Grabs Annie by the collar and drags her away.)

SCENE - In Ms. Hannigans office, there's a desk and one or two chairs)

Ms. Hannigan: If the board of orphans finds out that you kids wanna get outta here, they'll start snoopin' around here and I could loose my job.

Annie: But I thought you hated your job.

Ms. Hannigan: O, no, I love my job it's kids I hate. You wait here I'm gonna cook up your punishment and it's gonna be a dozy. (Ms. Hannigan walks to one side of the stage as Annie exits.)

Molly: Ms. Hannigan, Ms. Hannigan, we saw a mouse! A mouse!

Ms. Hannigan: What do I look like the exterminator?

July: There it's up there (Pointing)

Pepper: No, it's there! (Pointing)

July: I tell ya it's there. (Points as Pepper stomps on Ms. Hannigan's foot)

Ms. Hannigan: Outta my sight, scram!

Orphans: (Exit)


Annie: (Enters office)

Ms. Hannigan: (Enters office) Ok, missy. I don't want ya to ever do this again, so your gonna scrub every inch of this dump with this. (pulls out a tooth brush) Glad ya still here?

Annie: (mumbling) Yes Ms. Hannigan.

Ms. Hannigan: Liar! What's the one thing I always taught you?

Annie: Never tell a lie.

Ms. Hannigan: That's right.

Grace: (Enters office) Excuse me, I was told that I'd find a Ms. Hannigan here.

Ms. Hannigan: And who might you be?

Grace: I am Grace Farrell, the board of orphans said that-

Ms. Hannigan: Look, it was all a big mistake. For some reason Annie was awake and trying to get out and (In exasperation) please, don't fire me!

Grace: I think you must have me confused with someone else.

Ms. Hannigan: Oh, I get it. Listen honey, if you're peddlin' beauty products, I don't need 'um. (Starts to stand up)

Grace: I do not peddle anything. I am personal secretary to Mr. Oliver Warbucks.

Ms. Hannigan: (Sits back down in disbelief) The Oliver Warbucks?

Grace: Yes.

Ms. Hannigan: The richest man in the world.

Grace: Yes. The board of orphans sent me here to extend Mr. Warbucks personal invitation to an orphan to spend the holidays in his home.

Ms. Hannigan: I'm an orphan. I can be ready in ten minutes.

Grace: An orphan child, perhaps a child like this one. (Gestures toward Annie)

Annie: Great idea! I'm a child and I'm an orphan.

Ms. Hannigan: Liar! Annie ain't no orphan (pulls Annie next to her) she's my little girl and she ain't nuthin' but trouble.

Grace: That seems hard to believe.

Ms. Hannigan: Look you can have any orphan in the joint, just not Annie.

Grace: If this has something with the orphanage or losing your job then perhaps the board of orphans should know about it.

Ms. Hannigan: (after a pause) She's all yours, Merry Christmas.

Grace: Good. If you'll sign the paper work and get Annie's coat.

Ms. Hannigan: Coat? Why would a kid need a coat?

Grace: We'll buy you one at Bergdorf's on the way out of town. (Grace and Annie begin to leave)

Ms. Hannigan: (To herself) Bergdorf's? Well now ain't we fancy?

Annie: (to other orphans) You'll never guess what I get to do! I get to go away for Christmas!

Orphans: (Cheer and say things like "bye Annie" as Grace and Annie leave)


SCENE: In Mr. Warbuck's house. Benjamin is bustling around

Annie: (Looking around) Gee, it's really big.

Grace: Benjamin, Benjamin, this is our Christmas guest, Annie. Annie this is Benjamin.

Annie: Hello…Benjamin.

Benjamin: (Bows)

Grace: May I take your coat?

Annie: Will I get it back?

Grace: Of course you will. (Removes coat and hands it to Benjamin)

Benjamin: (Exits politely)

Grace: Now, what do you want to do first?

Annie: The floors, I'll scrub them, and then I'll do the windows. (Rolls up sleeves and takes a step to the left)

Grace: Annie, Annie, your Mr. Warbucks guest. You're here to have fun.

Annie: Really?

Grace: Really. Mr. Warbucks instructed me to make sure that for the next few weeks you have a swell time. Now, as for the work around here…Benjamin tends to your clothes, toys, cleaning and anything else you may need! And speaking of clothes, let's get you into some new ones. Benjamin has laid them all out, just for you. They're right back here in this room. You hurry along and get changed. Benjamin!

Benjamin: (Enters and nods head)

Grace: Have you dealt with the Simmerson issue for Mr. Warbucks?

Benjamin: Just this morning.

Grace: Good, than I'll have you start working on that pile of paperwork. The one in Mr. Warbucks' office. You know the one that I mean.

Benjamin: Right away. (begins to exit)

Grace: Oh, and Benjamin. This room is filthy! You know how Mr. Warbucks doesn't approve of dust in his home. It needs a thorough going-over!

Benjamin: Of course. (exits)

Grace: (picks up telephone) Hello…may I speak with the information desk please…oh this is…well this is Grace Farrell personal secretary to…yes, the Oliver Warbucks…thank you…has Mr. Warbucks arrived yet…wonderful…I think that Annie will be anxious to see him…yes of course…thank you. (hangs up). Annie- are you ready yet?

Annie: (runs out and stops). Golly, I feel like a princess! (runs to Grace and gives her a hug)

Grace: And you look like one too. (gives Annie a hug and then spins her around and out)

Mr. Warbucks: (enters and looks stern)

Annie: (spins into him)

Mr. Warbucks: Who are you?

Annie: I'm Annie

Grace: (straightens her dress) Welcome home, Mr. Warbucks. How was your trip?

Mr. Warbucks: Don't ask me about my trip, it was a nightmare.

Grace: Uh, well…President Roosevelt is awaiting your call at the white house.

Mr. Warbucks: Fine I'll just…what did you say your name was?

Annie: Annie, sir.

Mr. Warbucks: Is there any particular reason why you are here?

Grace: With all the negative press you've been receiving, Annie is the orphan you invited for Christmas.

Mr. Warbucks: You're a girl orphans are boys.

Grace: You didn't specify boy, sir.

Annie: Ah, gee, Mr. Warbucks, sir, that's ok. You can trade me in for a boy. I really liked seeing your house. It sure is big. ( Annie begins leaving and Grace gives Mr. Warbucks a look)

Mr. Warbucks: (Following Annie) Ah, Annie, I couldn't be more delighted for you to stay with me in my big house. (To Grace) What are we supposed to do with her?

Grace: Well, it is Annie's first night here so…

Mr. Warbucks: So…….. (acts like he doesn't care)

Grace: How about a broad way show?

Annie: Gee, I've never been to one of those before.

Mr. Warbucks: Then you will attend a broad way show, with Grace. (They all enter Mr. Warbuck's office and he sits down) I thought you were going out.

Annie: Oh, yes, well ya see Mr. Warbucks sir, I've never met any one with a real job and I've never seen New York either, so I'm just as happy to watch ya work.

Mr. Warbucks: You've lived in New York all you life and never seen the place?

Annie: Ms. Hannigan…

Grace: She runs the orphanage.

Annie: Well, she never let's us kids out. What's New York City like anyway?

Mr. Warbucks: Well, it's, hmm, let me think, NYC?


SCENE: In Ms. Hannigan' s office. Ms. Hannigan and Grace are seated at the desk.

Ms. Hannigan: Just let me make sure I heard you right, miss personal secretary to the Oliver Warbucks. My Annie is going to be adopted by your millionaire?

Grace: Actually, he's a billionaire. And yes, he's going to tell her tonight.

Ms. Hannigan: Well, ain't she the lucky one?

Grace: Yes, if you'll just sign here. (Pushes a paper and pen in Ms. Hannigan's direction)

Ms. Hannigan: Sure, will you just excuse me for one moment? (Ms. Hannigan exits and screams at the top of her lungs then re- enters) Now, where were we?

Grace: (Pushes pen and paper in Ms. Hannigan's direction again. Ms. Hannigan signs) Thank you. Good day. (Exits)

Ms. Hannigan: Whatever. (Puts head in hands)

Rooster: Hey, sis. Glad to see me?

Ms. Hannigan: Don't it show? Did they let ya outta prison this time or did you escape?

Rooster: I cut a deal with the warden.

Ms. Hannigan: Rooster, you're the only con I know that can con a cop.

Rooster: Thanks. Hey meet my new gal. (Lily enters) Lily…Lily…(trying to come up with her last name) …Lily…

Lily: St. Regis, Miss Lily St. Regis. I'm named after the hotel.

Ms. Hannigan: (Obviously not impressed) Oh, which floor?

Lily: (looking around) Real nice place ya got here.

Ms. Hannigan: Sure, every day I get down on my knees and pray, why me?

Lily: Gee, I don't know.

Ms. Hannigan: (Rolls eyes) Spill it Rooster, what do you want?

Rooster: Well, me and Lily was in the neighborhood and, ten bucks to tide me over?

Ms. Hannigan: Ten Bucks?! I ain't got ten cents! Get out and take the St. Regis here with ya.

Lily: Wait a minute!

Ms. Hannigan: You mean that after all your crooked schemes all ya got is lint in your pockets?

Rooster: Look who's talkin'.

Ms. Hannigan: I'm doin' just fine.

Rooster: No, you doin' like I'm doin'.

Lily: (Breaking in.) Lousy.

Rooster: Aggie, how is it us Hannigans always end up with the fuzzy end of the lollypop?


SCENE: In Mr. Warbucks' house, there should be some furniture so that Annie, at least can sit.

Grace: Benjamin!

Benjamin: (Enters nods head and hands her a jewelry box and then exits)

Grace: Here you go, sir. (Hands him a jewelry box)

Mr. Warbucks: Oh, good.

Grace: Is everything all right?

Mr. Warbucks: Well, you know. (Obviously nervous)

Grace: I'm sure you'll do fine. Tell her how you feel and speak from your heart.

Mr. Warbucks: Right.

Annie: (Runs in) Benjamin said we could have the picnic right here.

Mr. Warbucks: Sounds delightful. Uh, Annie, before we, uh…there's something I want to ask you. I never realized-

Grace: Until he met you. Mr. Warbucks: Right. What's life about if you have no one to share it with? Do you follow me?

Annie: Yes sir… no, not really.

Mr. Warbucks: Oh, well, maybe this will explain it better.(Hands jewelry case to Annie)

Annie: (opening it) Oh, gee, thank you, sir.

Mr. Warbucks: I noticed that old broken one you always wear and I thought off with the old and on with the new.

Annie: No, I don't want a new one! My parents gave me this one sayin' they'd come back for me some day. Ya been real nice to me Mr. Warbucks, but all I want is my parents.

Mr. Warbucks: If it's your parents you want then I'll find them for you, but I'll need that note and your locket so that the FBI can trace them to your mother and daddy.

Grace: If Mr. Warbucks says he can find your parents he will, even if he has to pull every string he has, right up to the president of the United States.

Annie: (Reluctantly gives up locket and note) Thank you sir. (sadly)

Grace: Annie, we're going to find your parents.

Annie: I'd like to go write to the kids about this, ok?

Mr. Warbucks: Of course. (Exits with Grace)

Annie: (sits down and pretends to write a quick letter then picks it up, stands up, folds it) Maybe there is still hope. (Exits)

SCENE: In the orphanage. Smile is playing in the background on the radio.

July: (Whistles)

Orphans: (carefully enter one at a time, except Pepper who busts right on in.)

Radio Announcer: And so we come to the conclusion of another show, and a special thank you to our guest Annie.

Annie: Thank you.

Molly: It's Annie on the radio!

Pepper: Who cares!

July: Shh!

Radio Announcer: And remember, Mr. Warbucks is giving out a 50, 000 dollar reward to the couple who can prove that their Annie's parents.

July: 50, 000 dollars!

Radio Announcer: This is Bart sayin' Smile darn ya smile.

Pepper: (Gets up and turns off the radio) Goodnight!

Molly: Hey that's my favorite!

Pepper: You're a bunch a' saps! Who cares if Annie was on the radio?

Molly: I care!

July: Me too! I think it'd be fun to be on the radio.

SONG - SMILE Orphans: (laugh)

Ms. Hannigan: Do I hear happiness in here? (Orphans stop laughing, but still smile) I still see smiles. (Orphans stop smiling) That's more like it.

Molly: Ms. Hannigan, Annie was on the radio, they're sendin' out a search for her parents.

July: And there's a 50, 000 dollar reward!

Ms. Hannigan: (To herself) Well, how do ya like them apples.

July: Isn't it great?

Ms. Hannigan: Great. Get to bed before I pound ya!

July: But what about our dinner?

Ms. Hannigan: What about it?

July: Ya didn't give us any.

Ms. Hannigan: Cause I knew you was gonna be bad tonight so I punished ya ahead a' time. Now Scatter! (sits down at desk) 50,000 dollar reward. Man, I hate that kid so much I could be her mother.

Rooster: (Enters with Lily)Hey, sis. Ya hear about Warbucks' plan to find that orphans parents?

Ms. Hannigan: What do you think I am deaf. People talk ya know.

Rooster: Aggie, we're gonna blow this town with all the dough we'll ever need. I've got a plan.

Ms. Hannigan: (As she pours them all some sort of drink) I'll bet it's fool proof.

Rooster: 100% We're gonna fool Warbucks and grab those fifty gees.

Ms. Hannigan: You and every other con artist.

Rooster: You, but them other cons ain't got an artiest workin' up in Brooklyn makin' fake birth certificates.

Ms. Hannigan: Keep talkin'.

Rooster: And those other cons ain't got a sister who knows everything there is to know about the kid.

Ms. Hannigan: Yeah, yeah, I know all about Annie. I also know that the St. Regis here ain't got the brains for the job, she makes one slip and we all end up behind bars for life.

Rooster: Maybe you're right. Lily's out. (Pushes Lily off the desk)

Ms. Hannigan: And I'm in. So, here's the split, half for me, half for you two.

Rooster: Deal.

Lily: Wait just a minute.

Ms. Hannigan: Do you wanna be cut outta the deal completely.

Lily: Gee no! (Rooster gives Lily a thumb to "back off")

Ms. Hannigan: One last detail, once we get the kid what do we do with her?

Rooster: Ain't ya ever heard of Solofvski? He's got hundreds of maids, and it just so happens that he's lookin for a new one.

All: (laugh and hackle)

Rooster: Then, once we get rid of the kid…we head straight for…

Lily: Straight for where Rooster?


SCENE: In. Mr. Warbucks' house. Mr. Warbucks and Grace are looking through stacks of paper and discarding them.

Grace: Sir, I think every liar, cheater, and crack pot showed up on our door step. So many sob stories and no body mentioned giving Annie the locket.

Annie: (Runs in) Did they show up yet?

Mr. Warbucks: It appears that every one who claims to be your parents are fakes.

(There is a knocking noise and Benjamin enters)

Annie: I'm sure my real parents will show up. Maybe they missed their train or got lost or something.

Benjamin: (holds out letter for Grace)

Grace: This just arrived from the FBI.

Mr. Warbucks: The information about Annie's locket. (Reads letter) Between 1818 and 1924, 90,000 of Annie's type of locket were made and sold. It is impossible to trace your parents through it. I'm so, so very sorry. (Passes note to Annie)

Grace: I'll go check on the Christmas presents. (Exits)

Annie: (Sits down and reads the note) Ya did the best you could sir. Thank you for all you done. Ya know I guess a kid can do ok with out parents

Mr. Warbucks: But sometimes adults can't do ok with out kids. Annie, I love you as if you were my own little girl. I want to adopt you. Would you consider it?

Annie: It's just that I love my real mother and father so much I don't know if I could love someone else.

Mr. Warbucks: I understand, but if you could find a place in your heart for me…

Annie: Mr. Warbucks, if I can't have my real parents I think I'd really like it if you'd be my father.

Mr. Warbucks: (hugs Annie) I have an idea. Grace!

Grace: (Enters) Yes, sir. Is everything alright?

Mr. Warbucks: Couldn't be better. Phone Justice Brandice and ask him to come over and sign the adoption papers.

Grace: Oh, that's wonderful news! (hugs Annie) Mr. Warbucks that's wonderful! (hugs Mr. Warbucks then backs off and straightens her dress) Umm, when shall I tell the Judge to come?

Mr. Warbucks: Well, it's Christmas eve! Let's have the adoption tonight! And a big party too! Tell Benjamin to order flowers, champaign, and cavier!

Annie: And ice cream and roasted corn!

Mr. Warbucks: (swings Annie in a circle) Did you hear the little lady? Ice cream, roasted corn, and all the Christmas decorations left in the city of New York! And Grace, please extend our invitation to everyone in the house!

Annie: Miss Grace, will you be there too cause ya know it's really nice when you two are together.

Mr. Warbucks: Grace, will you join us?

Grace: Well, I'd be honored!

Mr. Warbucks: Wonderful! Let's get ready! (Exits with Annie)

Grace: I'll take care of everything! Benjamin!

Benjamin: (Enters)

Grace: Benjamin, We've got to get this place ready, and quick! Now, here, I've got just the thing to make this celebration what it should be! (Goes to back stage and brings out a box of decorations)

Benjamin: (Goes to back stage and brings out a tree)

Grace: (Begins to decorate and so does Benjamin) Oh, I almost forgot! (Goes to back stage and brings out a wrapped gift and sets it under the tree and exits)

Benjamin: (Continues dusting, straightening and decorating) Mr. Warbucks, the house is ready!

Mr. Warbucks: (Enters) Benjamin, it's never looked beter! You've really outdone yourself this time!

Benjamin: (Bows politely and exits)

Mr. Warbucks: Annie, are you ready?

Annie: (Enters) Leapin lizards! Just look at this joint!

Mr. Warbucks: You know what, Annie? I think I'm the luckiest man in the world!

Annie: And I think I'm the luckiest kid!


Together at last!
Together for ever!
We're tying a knot,
They never can sever!

I don't need sunshine now,
To turn my skies at blue --

I don't need anything but you!

You've wrapped me around
That cute little finger.
You've made life a song .....
You've made me the singer!

And what's the bathtub tune
You always "Bu-Bu-Boo?"

Anything but you

Yesterday was plain awful

You can say that again

Yesterday was plain awful

But that's

Not now

That's then

I'm poor as a mouse,

I'm richer than Midas.

But nothing on earth
Could ever divide us!
And if tomorrow, I
'm an apple seller, too--
I don't need anything but you!

Annie Annie Annie
Everything's humming now
Annie Annie
Good times are coming now
Since you came our way
It's Christmas,
Christmas everyday
We dismiss
Bad times, sad times
Now they're all yesterday news
Since Annie
Kicked out
The blues

Annie Annie Annie
Look what you've done for us
Annie Annie Annie
Turned on the sun for us

Have they sent the cheese?

Yes and ice camemberts and bries

Judge Brandeis

Annie Annie
You filled our life with a song

They're two of a kind
The happiest pair now
Like Fred and Adelle, they're floating
On air now
And what's the title of the dream

I don't need anything


I don't need anything
But you

Annie and Mr. Warbucks: (Laugh together)

Grace: (Enters)

Mr. Warbucks: Grace, that's a very pretty dress you're wearing, and you look very pretty in it.

Grace: Thank you for noticing, sir.

Benjamin: (Enters) Mr. Warbucks, Justice Brandice is here, but before you start…may I introduce…the Mudges.

Rooster and Ms. Hannigan: (Enter and are weeping)

Rooster: There she is.

Annie: Who are you?

Ms. Hannigan: We're your mummy and daddy.

Rooster: We're Rolf and Shirley Mudge.

Ms. Hannigan: Ain't she beautiful, Ralfy?

Rooster: A regular doll.

Mr. Warbucks: Annie…Mudge? Uh, perhaps we should discuss this more. Please, won't you sit.

Rooster and Ms. Hannigan: (Sit in chairs)

Mr. Warbucks: (Sits down)

Ms. Hannigan: Well, we was just kids, poor, sick…

Rooster: and dumb to leave you. You see, a nice man in Canada offered us a job on a farm.

Ms. Hannigan: No babies allowed. We had no choice. We had to leave you for a little while.

Mr. Warbucks: Eleven years is more than a little while.

Grace: Yes, yours is a truly touching story but…

Rooster: I suppose you'd like to see some ID. Here are our driver licences and Annie's birth certificate.

Mr. Warbucks: (Looking at them) Everything seems to be in order, but I'll send it to the FBI just to be sure. Benjamin?

Benjamin: (Takes the papers exits and returns)

Rooster and Ms. Hannigan: (Exchange uneasy glances)

Rooster: Finally, we saved up enough money to come looking for our little girl.

Ms. Hannigan: We went straight to where we left her, and the very nice, very attractive lady at the orphanage said that we'd find Annie here.

Rooster: I still can't believe we found our baby.

Ms. Hannigan: Me neither(starts sobbing again)

Mr. Warbucks: There is one more thing…

Ms. Hannigan: Oh, ya know with all the things that go on in them orphanages, I suppose ya don't have what we gave ya all those years ago.

Rooster: You don't happen to have the other half of this (pulls out half of locket) now, would ya? (holds locket pieces together) Perfect fit. So if you'll just get Annie's things we'll be on our way…ahhh…with Annie…and…uhhh…I heard som'thing about money...

Mr.Warbucks: Uh, yes. You heard correctly…$50,000 infact.

Rooster: And in what form is this money?

Mr. Warbucks: Certified check. You can pick it up tomorrow with Annie.

Ms. Hannigan: Tomorrow?

Mr. Warbucks: We want Annie to spend Christmas morning with us.

Rooster: We've lived without her for eleven years, I guess one more night won't hurt.

Mr. Warbucks: Benjamin, will you show the Mudges to the door.

Benjamin: (nods and escorts them out)

Mr. Warbucks: Well, ummm…what wonderful news.

Annie: (Runs out crying)

Grace: (Goes after her)

Mr. Warbucks: (Sighs and exits opposite way)

Annie: (Enters and sits down, sobbing)

Grace: (Follows) Oh, Annie. I know they're not all that you expected but, well…at least you have your parents…


The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none!

When I'm stuck a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!

SCENE- The orphanage, Lily, Rooster and Ms. Hannigan are talking

Lily: Common' why can't I go with you guys?

Ms. Hannigan: Because ya can't leave children all alone, that's why.

Lily: But I ain't the motherly type! Rooster!

Rooster: What now!

Lily: (Pulls him closer by the neck collar) Promise me you'll be home by noon.

Rooster: Have I ever let you down, before this.

Lily: Okay, then…(lets him go)…

Rooster and Ms. Hannigan: (Exit quickly)

Lily: (Sits down) He's never let me down, except for that one time…or two times…or…ROOSTER!!! Oh, no! Ya ain't leavin' me here this time…not again! (Runs after them)

Orphans: (Enter)

July: Miss Lily, ain't cha gonna take us, cause after all, ya can't leave kids alone ya know. (gives a wry smile)

Lily: Darn kids, they're always listnen' in! Alright, fine, but ya gotta keep up!

All: (Exit)

SCENE- Mr. Warbucks house, Annie is sitting with her bag…waiting.

Mr. Warbucks: (Enters with Grace) Merry Christmas, Annie.

Grace: Yes, Merry Christmas.

Mr. Warbucks: Did you check under the tree to see if Santa left you anything?

Annie: No, he brought me my parents that's plenty. You don't look like you got any sleep.

Mr. Warbucks: Oh, well Grace and I have been working with the FBI and they haven't turned up anything suspicious yet, but they said that they'd contact me if anything changed.

Annie: So, I'm really a Mudge…Annie Mudge.

Rooster and Ms. Hannigan: (Enter)

Rooster: Where's our little Christmas present…we know she's around here somewhere.

Ms. Hannigan: Well, we'd better be on our way with our little Annie…

Rooster: And our little check.

Grace: So soon? Annie hasn't even gotten to open her Christmas presents yet!

Ms. Hannigan: Sorry, we ain't got time.

Mr. Warbucks: Very well, I'll get your check. Benjamin!

Benjamin: (Enters) Yes, sir.

Mr. Warbucks: Do you have the check?

Benjamin: Right here, sir. (Hands him check and exits)

Mr. Warbucks: Here is the check.

Rooster: Thank you (he grabs the check and starts to retreat)

Ms. Hannigan: We'd better get goin'

Rooster: Ta-ta

Ms. Hannigan: Too-ta-loo

Rooster: See you in church

Grace: Aren't you forgetting something?

Ms. Hannigan: Oh, yes (grabs Annie harshly) This is gonna take some getting used to. (rush out)

Lily: (bursting in) You messed with the wrong dame, Rooster!

Rooster: What are you doin' here Lily?

Lily: Makin' sure I get my piece of the cake! I want my moola!

Ms. Hannigan: (grabs check from Rooster) Out a my way! (Orphans enter and jump out in front of her)


Ms. Hannigan: (screams)

Rooster: Run for it Aggie!

Benjamin: Mr. Warbucks! (hands him a folded paper)

Mr. Warbucks: Everybody freeze, including the alleged Mudges! Or should I say (reading note) Ms. Aggitha Hannigan and Daniel Francis Hannigan also known as Rooster Hannigan also known as danny the dip.

Lily: Also known as "the jig is up Rooster!"

Mr. Warbucks: Ms. Lily St. Regis also known as Ms. Sadie Alquanquine also known as phillis the filtch. Rooster: Also known as "you messed it up big Lily!"

Benjamin: (Handcuffs Lily and holds Roosters hands behind his back)

Lily: Well, it may not be easy street but at least I'm wearin' silver (holds up handcuffs)!

Ms. Hannigan: It wasn't my idea! He made me do it! (Runs over to Annie) Annie, Annie! Tell these people how good I always been to ya!

Annie: Ms. Hannigan, I would but the one thing you always taught me was (pulling check out of her hand) never tell a lie (wry smile).

Ms. Hannigan: Brat! I'll let you in on a little secret, I never liked you…never! You are nuthin' but a little orphan! I've always been so good to ya and this is what I get! Huh! You drove me to this!


Benjamin: (Takes Lily, Rooster and Ms. Hannigan off stage)

Annie: Ms. Hannigan's gone forever!

Orphans: (cheer)

Mr. Warbucks: And I'm going to make sure that you all get adopted in good homes!

Orphans: (cheer)

Benjamin: (Enters and hands Mr. Warbucks another paper)

Mr. Warbucks: (looking at letter)Annie, I have some important news for you. The FBI was finally able to trace the handwriting in your note. It belonged to a David and Margaret Bennett.

Annie: Where are they?

Mr. Warbucks: They passed away some time ago.

Annie: So, I really am an orphan. (sits down sadly)

Grace: Annie, are you alright?

Annie: I guess you have to look on the bright side, at least I'm not a Mudge!

All: (laugh)

Mr. Warbucks: I hope this is a start of a wonderful new life for all of us. I do mean all of us. Annie, would you still like to be Annie Bennett Warbucks?

Annie: I'd like that more than anything!

Mr. Warbucks: (hugs her) I love you very much!

Annie: And I love you Daddy Warbucks!




Together at last!
Together for ever!
We're tying a knot,
They never can sever!

I don't need sunshine now,
To turn my skies at blue --

I don't need anything but you!

You've wrapped me around
That cute little finger.
You've made life a song .....
You've made me the singer!

And what's the bathtub tune
You always "Bu-Bu-Boo?"

Anything but you

Yesterday was plain awful

You can say that again

Yesterday was plain awful

But that's

Not now

That's then

I'm poor as a mouse,

I'm richer than Midas.

But nothing on earth
Could ever divide us!
And if tomorrow, I
'm an apple seller, too--
I don't need anything but you!

Annie Annie Annie
Everything's humming now
Annie Annie
Good times are coming now
Since you came our way
It's Christmas,
Christmas everyday
We dismiss
Bad times, sad times
Now they're all yesterday news
Since Annie
Kicked out
The blues

Annie Annie Annie
Look what you've done for us
Annie Annie Annie
Turned on the sun for us

Have they sent the cheese?

Yes and ice camemberts and bries

Judge Brandeis

Annie Annie
You filled our life with a song

They're two of a kind
The happiest pair now
Like Fred and Adelle, they're floating
On air now
And what's the title of the dream

I don't need anything


I don't need anything
But you